Things to put in place

Approximate time to allow

Apply for a credit card and/or arrange sufficient funds

Call and Ask your bank for a time frame

Apply for an international passport

Refer to your local immigration centre for time frame

Arrange a student visa

Information can be viewed at  if lodged outside of Australia can take up to 3-4 months.

Arrange accommodation

Allow 1 month as a minimum to source accommodation allow an additional 3 months if your intention is to rent a home

Arrange for immunisations and medications from your doctor. It is recommended that all students be up to date with childhood vaccines including such vaccinations as Tetanus and Measles. Your health care professional can provide more in-depth information

Speak to your medical practitioner for advise however as a minimum allow 1 month before departing your Country

Make travel arrangements

Attempt  to have everything booked 1 month prior to leaving

Arrange  Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Allow 1 month before departing your Country

Arrange transport from airport to accommodation (PIA can assist if required)

A minimum of 2 weeks before departing

Arrange travel insurance

A minimum of 2 weeks before departing

Confirm your ability to access to your funds with your bank whilst in Australia

a minimum of 2 weeks before departing

Advise PIA or your local contact of your travel details

1-2 weeks before you are ready to depart your country