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Today the Federal Government announced an additional $1.2 billion investment in apprenticeships through the Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements (BAC) Wage Subsidy. 

The BAC wage subsidy will pay employers up to 50% of an apprentice’s wage, up to $7,000 per quarter, per eligible apprentice. That’s right – the government will pay HALF.

There will no doubt be a rush to fill the limited spots in the subsidy program and Platinum can help you make the most of the offer before they run out. We are proud to have taught some of the most dedicated and well-trained Pre-Apprentices and are happy to make introductions.

The subsidy is similar to current SAT payments which pay 50% of an apprentice’s wage back to the employer, up to $7,000 per quarter, per eligible apprentice. The BAC subsidy will also include allowances, overtime, penalty rates and any other amount, before any deductions are made.

For employers to be eligible, apprentices must also:

  •     Be undertaking a Certificate II or higher qualification; and
  •     Meet the following eligibility criteria from Section III Primary Eligibility:
    •     Employment and Training Arrangements; and
    •      Australian Citizenship Status; and
  •     have a Training Contract that is formally approved by the STA.

The BAC Wage Subsidy reimburses the employer the total gross wages from 5 October 2020 until 30 September 2021 and capped at $7,000 per quarter. For anyone needing more hands on-deck, this is an unmissable deal. 

If you would like more information or need help sourcing an apprentice, feel free to get in touch with us via [email protected].