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General Notes

Australia has many options of accommodation for international students and costs vary between the different options.

Note: Platinum Institute Australia does not offer accommodation services or take any responsibility for accommodation arrangements. However we are able to refer students to appropriate accommodation services and are always available to discuss issues or concerns students may have with their accommodation arrangements. All students are encouraged to have accommodation organised prior to arrival in Australia but the Student Support Officer can refer students to appropriate accommodation services.


Australian Homestay Network is an organisation commenced by the Australian Government to ensure International students had access to appropriate accommodation while studying. Australian Homestay Network is a highly respected and comprehensive option. More information on this network can be found at

Homestay student’s receive many benefits such as constant practise of the English Language, a supportive surrogate family and in some cases meals provided. All people that offer Homestay have been checked by the Homestay organisation to ensure your safety.
Rental / Lease Option

You can rent or lease a property by yourself or with friends. This can be done through a real estate agent or privately. When renting a property you will need to pay a security deposit or bond (which is usually four weeks rent), as well as rent in advance (also usually four weeks). The bond is held to repair any damage that you, yourhouse mates or house guests cause to the property while renting. Some, or all, of this amount may be refunded to you once your tenancy agreement has terminated.

Depending on what is agreed in the rental agreement you may need to furnish the home which may cost between $1000-$5000 for basic furnishings. You will also need to allow an addition approximately $500 for connecting Electricity, Gas, Internet and Telephone. Telephone connection may not be required if you plan on using a mobile phone. Some popular rental websites are as follows:

Hostel Option

Some Hostels and Hotels will negotiate a long term agreement for accommodation. It is recommended that you research the Hostel or Hotel before committing to a long term agreement, whilst most have reasonable accommodation for the price charged some may show nice photos that were taken 10 years ago and are not in the same condition as the photo portrays.

Another options for accommodation can be found at or by searching the internet. We advise that any accommodation found on the internet should be thoroughly investigated, when accepting accommodation you should be aware of your rights. Information can be found at

In general with all the above options we advise that you look into Insurance for your goods and where necessary cover for any damage caused to your accommodation.

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