Counselling and Welfare

Platinum Institute Australia (PIA)

International students need not feel alone in a foreign country. Platinum Institute Australia cares about the needs of our students and takes the highest care in making sure they settle in the learning and living environment as soon as possible.

We are dedicated to continuously improving our services to meet the needs and expectations of our international students and our friendly staff are on hand to give advice. Student support services helps to resolve problems that may impede the successful completion of the student’s study program. This includes student services such as:

Language and academic support.

For students having difficulty with their studies Platinum Institute Australia provides the following academic support:

  • The provision of English Language courses for students who need additional support in the development of their English language skills.
  • The monitoring of student course progress.
  • Where a student is deemed to be not making satisfactory course progress (i.e. not successfully completing or demonstrating competency in at least 50% of the course requirement in a given study period), the student will be given the opportunity to participate in the development of an intervention strategy to allow them to catch up.
  • If you believe you are having difficulty with your studies, talk to your teacher as early as possible so that an intervention strategy can be developed and implemented to ensure your course progress is not impeded.
  • The monitoring of student workload and the monitoring of student attendance. Platinum Institute Australia also has processes in place for the monitoring of student workload and the monitoring of student attendance for the purpose of identifying students who are at risk of failing to complete their course requirements. These processes allow for the identification of at risk students and for these students to receive the appropriate academic counselling and be given the opportunity to participate in the development and implementation of intervention strategies to assist these students to achieve their course outcomes

Confidential counselling.

Personal counselling/pastoral care – if you have a personal problem please contact the administration reception or the Training Manager who will be able to refer you to the appropriate counsellor or other counselling or support services.

If the support you need extends to a specialised service, you may be referred to an appropriate external support agency for example:

Lifeline (available 24 hours) – or 13 11 14

Relationships Australia – or 1300 364 277

Kids Help Line – or (free call) 1800 551 800

Crisis Care (Department of Communities) – (free call) 1800 177 135

Cultural support

If you feel that you are having difficulties because of cultural differences please contact the administration reception or the Training Manager who will refer you the appropriate person or organisation which may be able to help you.

Designated international student adviser

The designated international student adviser is there to assist students at all times. Each student is given the contact numbers for the designated student adviser (official point of contact). This person can be your first point of contact if at any time you want to talk to someone about training or a personal problem.

On-arrival reception and orientation programs.

On arrival at the campus of Platinum Institute Australia our administration reception will direct you to your initial assembly area. You will participate in an orientation program on your first day to inform you of the policies, procedures and support services of Platinum Institute Australia and details of the local environment to ensure that you settle into your new environment smoothly.

Health referrals.

Platinum Institute Australia has arrangements with a local medical centre for the referrals of any students requiring medical treatment.

Support with accommodation enquiries.

While Platinum Institute Australia does not offer accommodation services or take any responsibility for accommodation arrangements, we are able to refer students to appropriate accommodation services and are always available to discuss issues or concerns students may have with their accommodation arrangements. Platinum Institute provides advice on accommodation options in its Prospectus and can assist students with support and guidance towards the arrangement of accommodation.

If you require support or guidance in the arrangement of accommodation please contact our Administration Office on 1300 326 888

Platinum Institute Australia staff can provide assistance and or guidance on the location of banking, shopping and food outlets and clubs, societies, sports and fitness facilities. If you have any questions in relation to these please discuss with our administration staff.

All services offered internally by the Institute are free. Students may have to pay for professional services rendered by persons or organisations outside of the Institute. Students will be made aware of these external charges if they wish to proceed with the external services.

If you believe you will require assistance with your training program you can provide details on the enrolment form or speak to your trainer assessor prior to enrolment or at any time during training.

There are people here to help you. Platinum Institute Australia can provide access to industry specialists to support your career ambitions to support the development of your skills as required.

This support service provided by Platinum Institute Australia will be provided at no cost to the student.

Helpful Government Departments:

DoE – Department of Education

1300 566 046

Department of Home Affairs

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