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Platinum Institute Australia (PIA)

Platinum Institute Australia is proud to run the following programms in conjuntion with Highlands Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLEN).


Platinum Institute Australia in conjunction with the Highlands Local Learning & Employment Network (LLEN) are proud to present our NEXTGEN TRADIES program.

The program is designed to encourage young women, Non-Binary, Transgender and Students with disabilities.
The Next Gen Tradies one day Program consists of 1 hour at the beginning of the day which involves group discussion beginning with a presentation by Women’s Health Grampians about Gender Equality in the Work force, followed by Apprenticeship advice from Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) followed by a discussion with PIA Staff about the advantages of Women in Trade, potential earnings and Safety.
  • Destroy gender stereotypes
  • Promote inclusion & reducing stigma
  • Hands-on skill building
  • Enticing women, non-binary, transgender and students with disabilities into non-traditional trades
  • Encouraging a sense of achievement
  • Realising interests & career aspirations
Students experience hands-on skills, in a simulated construction site.
Students apply different trade skills needed to build a house, from constructing the frame, installing the weatherboards and painting the final house.
Once completed the cubby house becomes the property of the school to donate, auction etc, to raise funds for the Secondary School or a Not for Profit or have been gifted to local primary schools.


Platinum Institute Australia in conjunction with Highlands LLEN aims to improve career readiness and student awareness through industry exposure showcasing opportunities and pathways.

NextGen Tradies for Juniors offered to years 7, 8 and 9, is a spin-off program to the highly successful NextGen Tradies program offered to years 10, 11 and 12, to recognize jobs have no gender.

NextGen Tradies for Juniors gives students the opportunity to try 6 different trades including concreting, carpentry, painting, electrical, plastering and bricklaying throughout a full day workshop, giving students an opportunity to try out different trades and discover if the Building & Construction industry is an employment pathway they would like to pursue in future years.

Research shows that there is a missing component of industry exposure between primary and secondary schools, primarily years 7, 8 and 9, where student’s do not get to experience opportunities outside the classroom. As a result of this, students are more likely to feel anxious, apprehensive and enter year 10 (subject selection) without a sense of purpose and belonging within society. Research also points to the need for students to “see what they can be”, through exposure to representatives from industry and mentoring. NextGen Tradies for Juniors gives students the opportunity to meet industry Representatives face to face, ask questions, and hear their stories whilst also learning new skills themselves.

Upon completion of the program, students are encouraged to contribute to their community by donating their newly build planter boxes to a community organisation, or setup a community garden at school. By providing this opportunity to students, there is a sense of belonging and pride within the community felt by students.

We understand years 7, 8 and 9 work best in short sessions with predominantly practical components, so a combination of multiple stations to encourage questions and interest is key.

Currently 94% of Employers believe work experiences are essential to building pipelines of future staff, yet only 19% of Employers have capacity to facilitate a work experience student. NextGen Tradies for Juniors addresses this by committing employers and industry representatives for only one day one day, rather than impacting their business for one day per week over 6-8 weeks.

With a maximum of 16 students per program, NextGen Tradies for Juniors gives students a highly supportive environment to test their skills in the construction industry.


Platinum Institute Australia in conjunction with the Highlands Local Learning & Employment Network (LLEN) are proud to present our RECYCLE REVOLUTION program.

The program was initially designed to encourage year 9 students to start to consider their pathways into the work force while focusing on renewable design, using materials which could be reproposed.

Focusing on recycled materials and sustainability, students have the opportunity to build their own wooden A-frame with recycled pallets.
First learning about a local recycling program, then using all the tools of the trade, students have the opportunity to learn hands-on skills to upcycle and reuse pre-loved items.

The program provided the students with the opportunity to hear from the sustainability experts, students come away with a better understanding of smart living and our environmental footprint.


Platinum Institute Australia’s (PIA) commitment to see young people find career paths into the building industry is a passion.

PIA works with many different organisers of Career Expo’s designed to provide Secondary School Students with career path options.

PIA has designed a Interactive, hands on option for these EXPO days by having the students create a timber Coffee Cup Stand or Jewellery Stand.

The students get to experience using tools such as Hammers, Drill, Impact Drivers, Sanding and much more.
Our project has proven to be so successful that we are called on by many organisations to partner with them on the display stands.
We have had the pleasure of working alongside Empowered Women in Trade (EWIT) at the TradesFit Expo’s and Ballarat Group Training at their Ballarat Expo and many others.

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Become Part of Platinum Institute Australia and Learn from Tradies and other Construction Industry Professionals